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Monday Matters

Posted On: March 10, 2014

“Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays.” It’s a funny line in context, part of a very funny film (Office Space). And from Facebook memes to comic strips, Monday gets a bad rap.

Everyone dreads Monday, at least by conventional wisdom. The weekend is over and it’s time to go back to work, and who wants to go to work?

Well, hopefully you do. As a business owner, you should enjoy the start of another week, another opportunity to grow your business and find new ways to not just survive but thrive. And you need that same mindset to carry over to your sales team. Not just want — need.

Great salespeople love to sell. They enjoy their leisure time, sure; it’s a necessary aspect of recharging for the workday. But you want salespeople who wake up Monday focused on one thing: Starting off the week with by getting the sales wheel spinning.

It’s incredible how much momentum a salesperson can create by making a sale first thing on Monday. Though this is universally true for any professional, it’s especially true in sales: How you do on the first day of the week sets the tone for the rest of it. In turn, how you do on Monday is based entirely on how smart you worked last week.

Here’s the advice we’d strongly suggest you pass along to your salespeople:

  • Make a sale first thing on Monday morning. Set yourself up for success with this. Set an appointment for early Monday morning with a prospect you are confident will buy. Capturing a sale to start your week makes you feel incredible. It sets you in motion and gives you a mental boost to work harder — and make another sale.
  • Additionally, scope out some time on Monday to learn something new. Listen to a training CD or digital audiobook in your car or at home (or both). Instead of listening to sports, news, or music, feed your head with new information that will help you make a sale. If you learn a new technique on the way to an appointment, you can try it out in minutes.
  • Make at least five appointments for the rest of the week. Why not have a Monday full of success and positive anticipation? It’s up to you. Pick up the phone and work at it.
  • The great Monday start should inspire you to kick butt all through the week, but if you do need a little decompression time during the week, don’t do it on Friday. Most people use Friday as their time to slack off, but that’s a bad idea.
  • Use Friday as your day to set up your success for next week — like setting up that surefire sale on Monday morning. But just as important, make a point of closing a sale on Friday afternoon. Finishing your week on a positive note will make you feel empowered when you return to work Monday.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sales-themed issue of the newsletter. As always, if you have any questions about how to best employ these tactics in your sales and marketing efforts, Ring Ring Marketing is happy to help; just let us know. And happy selling!

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