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Increase Facebook Leads with Coupons and Promotions

Posted On: October 20, 2013

Facebook’s popularity is unquestionable, but finding ways to use that popularity to grow your business is something else. Everyone knows the platform provides a great way to engage with customers and increase your social media presence, but it’s also important to consider strategies that convert Facebook connections into actual leads.

Here are a few things some clients have used to get some great leads from their Facebook pages:

Facebook Boost Posts: The boost post option is the most basic paid promotion Facebook offers. If you have a post that could generate some major business for you if only you could get more eyeballs on it, consider using the boost option. For as little as $20, you can get that post seen by from 5,000–10,000 people.

Facebook Offers: These are essentially coupons. They’re very easy to set up, and each one can work beautifully as a one-time value proposition. You can easily set up an offer within Facebook’s platform, preferably with a catchy, attention-getting headline, and then use the boost option to get it out in front of many more people.

Facebook advertising: This one might seem obvious, but depending on your need for more leads, you’ll likely find a good return on investment with Facebook’s own advertising options. That’s because Facebook advertising offers extremely good targeting by interests and demographics, along with the occupations of the customers you wish to target. Just be sure to use an eye-catching graphic and concise, compelling copy in your ad.

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