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A Few Great Ways to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

Posted On: September 28, 2013

Hopefully your online marketing’s been attracting high-quality leads and converting them into satisfied regular customers. But even when everything seems to be running smoothly, there’s almost always a few things you can tweak for maximum effectiveness.

Some of these might sound familiar for regular readers of this newsletter, but it’s always helpful to compare these strategies to what you’re doing now and see where improvements can be made.

Make sure you’re getting everything you can from your About Us page:
Far too many businesses treat this page as a dumping ground for generic information about the business. In reality, it’s a great place to engage your human visitors (and pump up your SEO) while establishing your credibility and trustworthiness.

Look for ways to naturally work in relevant keywords for SEO, compare your About Us page to those of your competitors, and look for ways to stand out.

Use your press releases to speak to customers, not to the “press”:
A press release can be a useful marketing tool, but it’s wasted if it’s filled with jargon that doesn’t connect with people interested in using your services.

Whatever you’re announcing, put yourself in the shoes of a prospective customer and come up with something that speaks directly to that person. If at all possible, chuck anything that’s too technical or academic; try to speak in easily understandable terms, just like you’re having a conversation. Instead of letting a reporter try to make your message relatable, do it yourself.

Aim to thrill your customers with your marketing:
When you get a promotion from a business, does it capture your attention, or is it just one more piece of information to be quickly ignored? When you send out an email offer or promote something through a blog post, is it something that adds value to your customers’ lives? If you received it from another business, would you think, “This sounds great! I need to do this today!”

If not, you’re not taking advantage of your platform. Find ways to get honest feedback from current satisfied customers about what would make them truly happy, and use that information to inform your marketing efforts.

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