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Apple Maps Trying to Compete with Google Maps: What Does It Mean for You?

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Posted On: July 3, 2013

Google Maps owns the online world, and that’s probably not going to change anytime soon. With its revolutionary initiative to map out every corner of the world it could with its Google Map vehicles — though that also angered some people concerned about privacy matters — it quickly became the most reliable mapping platform available.

Apple Maps tried to challenge Google on this front in 2012, and it did not go well. Many people discovered that the maps Apple provided were just plain inaccurate and Australian officials even took the step of telling tourists not to use Apple Maps, for fear they would be left stranded. There were even stories that said Apple Maps were three times more likely to get you lost than the Google option.

Google took advantage. Its Maps App for iOS6 is one of the top downloads for Apple products, boasting more than 10 million downloads within 48 hours of its release. It also is helping software developers default to Google Maps on iOS applications and devices.

All of that suggests your site should focus entirely on Google Maps, but that’s not entirely true. Apple remains an extremely big player in online applications, hardware and content, and it undoubtedly will work out the kinks in time. You can’t afford to completely ignore Apple.

Do everything you can to ensure your business is properly represented on both platforms, though obviously the top priority at present is that everything’s right on Google. As always, Ring Ring Marketing is happy to help with any questions on how to ensure you’re maximizing your presence on both Google Maps and Apple Maps.

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