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If You’re Promoting Yourself Through Social Media, Can You Get Rid of Your Website?

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Posted On: May 28, 2013

You’re busy. Of course you are. You’re a small business owner. You have to handle a wide variety of business needs every single day.

And you had to do that even before every site needed to have a website. So that was added to your duties. And then you were told you needed to continually post fresh content to keep your website popular in search rankings. So you did that too. And then social media came along, and you were told you need to do that too. Where does it end?

No wonder some businesses have considered shutting down their corporate websites and only promoting themselves through social media. There are only so many hours in the day, so you need to cut back somewhere, right?

Unfortunately, ditching your website is not a good idea. Here are several reasons you really need to keep your site:

  • One of the biggest keys to succeeding as a small business is maintaining trust and credibility. It’s a simple matter to create a Facebook Page for your company, sure, but because of the low barrier to entry, all sorts of scam artists can put up fake Facebook pages. An actual website confers credibility, because it requires purchasing a domain name and providing useful content.
  • Having a website gives you full control over your brand and your overall appearance to customers. It’s useful to have profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, certainly, but all that actually mounts to is a listing on someone else’s site. There are all sorts of things you’re prohibited from doing due to various terms of service on the sites. Your own website gives you complete control of your online marketing.
  • Do you sell goods or services online? Do you generate leads and email lists through user signups? A website allows you to do these things in whatever manner works best for you. Trying to do these things through a social media platform is problematic and limits you to following each platform’s procedures. These procedures sometimes require paying a portion of your sales to the platform.
  • You can’t know how effectively your marketing is working without the ability to analyze your methods. Unfortunately, most social media platforms provide extremely limited analytics data. When you have your own website, you can use analytic tools such as Google Analytics which can provide a wealth of data. You need analytics to improve your marketing and make the most economical use of your resources.

With the help of Ring Ring Marketing, you can maximize your marketing efforts through both your website and social media without adding to your already heavy workload.

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