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How To Optimize Your Website For Maximum Phone Calls

Posted On: November 9, 2011

You can’t be in business in the twenty-first century without a website. But not all websites are created equal—not by a long shot. Amazon.com has a website. Then again, so does the 14-year-old kid who lives next door. Having a website is no longer enough. For your business site to be effective, it has to be optimized for conversion. That means that is transforms visitors into customers.

What’s the point of having website visitors if they never contribute to the bottom line?

Unfortunately, this fact is lost on many business owners. Their sites are poorly laid out and lack any “call to action” or clear, unique selling propositions. If this sounds like your site, don’t worry. We know all the ins-and-out of optimizing your site to turn visitors into actual customers.

Online marketing can be divided into three primary activities: acquisition (getting people to your website), conversion (getting them to do what you want on your website) and retention (deepening the relationship and increasing its lifetime value). Complex systems have been crafted to maximize the return on investment of acquisition and retention, but the conversion aspect has been largely neglected.

Conversion rate is defined as the percentage of unique visitors who take a desired action on your website. This can be clicking through to another page, filling out information, downloading content, or purchasing a product or service. Some companies might have several objectives on their sites that could be defined as a successful conversion.

Conversion tuning is the process of improving conversion rates by making changes to the website and testing them. This can be done in a single engagement or through an ongoing series of tests.

You might think your site looks great and works great right now. Perhaps friends and family have complimented it, and you’ve had customers mention that they like it. But how would you know if it could be better? If a slight tweak here or there might double or triple your conversions?

Hollywood doesn’t release a major movie anymore without screening it first for test audiences. Filmmakers use the feedback they receive to trim out scenes that don’t work, or even to go back and shoot new scenes. They gain information on what their target audience likes and dislikes, and uses that information to give viewers what they want.

Website conversion works the same way. You can make a multitude of changes to your site, including such components as the headline, page layout, color scheme, sales copy, images, offers and promotions, and many more. The key is not to simply change these elements and assume they work better across the board. The key is to test each one and determine how each change provides the conversion goals that are right for you.

That’s where we come in. We make the changes, test them out, and convert online visitors into customers calling your business.

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