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How To Optimize Phone Calls With Google Analytics

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Posted On: November 28, 2011

You wouldn’t run a business without knowing how your revenues compare to your expenses. You wouldn’t advertise in a magazine or on the radio without knowing how much bang you’re getting for your buck. How many people are seeing that print ad or hearing that radio ad? When you spend good money to market your business, you need to know the return you’re getting on your investment.

Unfortunately, many business owners forget these principles when it comes to their company website. How many people visit the site? How did they find it? Do those visits convert into actual customers? How have changes or improvements to the site affected its performance?

As a business owner, it’s critical to know all of these things. That’s why we offer a free analysis of your website’s performance.

Using Google Analytics, we can determine whether you’re reaching your target audience and how effective your message is. We can also determine whether you’re able to measure the effectiveness of your online marketing through clearly defined goals that can be tracked.

As Google itself explains, “Goals (with a capital G) are a way to measure business objectives for your website in Google Analytics. Goals must correspond to a measurable action performed by your website’s visitors—for example, a visit to a ‘thank you’ page. This combination of a business objective and a measurable action make up a Goal.”

Many business owners have analytics set up on their sites, but do not know how much great information is hidden in the data. Mining this data can help you determine who your target audience is, how and why visitors come to your site, what they like about it, whether they found what they were looking for, and what small improvements could improve your site’s views exponentially.

Every successful business has a system in place to track and measure the success of its online campaigns. Having someone who knows how to decipher those metrics and provide guidance on ways to improve site performance can make a huge difference.

Google Analytics is incredibly effective, but it’s not a “set-it-and-forget-it” solution. Goals need to be tested and tweaked on a regular basis to ensure that you’re effectively tracking what you want to track. Sound complicated? It’s not. We handle all of that for you. Merging our expertise with the power of Google Analytics is an easy, cost-effective way to ensure your website is producing real revenues for your business.  Click here to apply for a Free analysis of your Google Analytics data.

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